BUZZ Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) actions

We offer support for activities of manufacturers of construction materials in creation of the image on the Internet, service related to technical information provided

on Internet forums and issues of "positioning", in web search engines, of information about offered technical solutions.

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Our tools enable easy and professional management in the area of product information and communication processes.

Owing to an extremely fast development of new information technologies, there has also been a very swift change in the manner of acquiring information by individual investors and trade specialists (designers, contractors). Already for several years now, the Internet has been the most important the source of acquiring information. However, the way of searching for information on the Internet is changing. According to the research, places of searching for information are shaped as follows:


















To support construction material manufacturers in information-sales activities, we offer services related to support of construction material manufacturers in the following areas:


1. Technical consulting on Internet forums.

In this regard we specialize in consulting related to correct building, with regard to the parameters related to demand for energy in buildings. In particular, we tackle the matters of proper construction of the building shell e.g. selection of appropriate thickness of insulation materials, solutions aimed at avoiding thermal bridges, avoiding condensation and accumulation of moisture in wall barriers.

Under cooperation with manufacturers, our specialists are accordingly prepared with regard to product and image issues of the manufacturer, and then provide advisory services on selected Internet forums. Among the contractors of such services, we are distinguished by very good technical preparations of consultants and appropriate "instrumentation" in the form of specialized software enabling conducting simulation of physical issues, taking place in the buildings, for people inquiring on Internet forums.

In the case of very advanced questions, we have the possibility to consult these questions with outstanding trade specialists, working at technical universities.

With regard to actions related to promotion of proper technical solutions and presenting good practices, we have implemented, among others, "Economical House" project (, which is supposed to indicate places in the structure of building shell where errors in construction are made most often, along with instructing investors on what to do to avoid such mistakes.


2. Technical support aimed at high "positioning" of information about the manufacturer and its products in web search engines (in particular, GOOGLE).

A very frequent mistake made by construction material manufacturers is acting to ensure high "positioning" of the homepage of the company. The assumption is that the customer will manage somehow, i.e. he or she will find information regarding specific products and solutions.

IT systems offered by our company, in particular tools aimed at presentation of complex technical solutions, are constructed based on problematic issues e.g. selection of thermal insulation systems. As a result of such an information structure each solution has indexed description enabling registering it in web search engines for future easy search for information.

We offer support in suitable indexing of possessed information resources both in substantive, as well as technological terms.

Below we present a shortened scheme of the offered technological solutions:

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