Complex Product Information Management (PIM) system

We offer efficient system used for complex management of information concerning complex products and, offered by the manufacturer of building materials.

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Our tools enable easy and professional management in the area of product information and communication processes.


The software makes it possible, among others, to:


1. Create any systems of product systematics and construction solutions e.g. due to the application, technical type, place of application etc.  Every product or system solution may belong to many categories.


2. Collecting information about products of the company along with assigning to groups within systematics, determination of all necessary features e.g. available thickness, prices and consumption and assigning relevant reference documents e.g. certificates and technical approvals.


3. Collecting information on complex solutions created on the basis of product tables. This enables easy and comprehensive update of information i.e. change of product parameters also changes its characteristics in a complex solution (for instance in thermal insulation systems). Embedded mechanisms enable developing complex solutions taking account of changes in different elements of the solution, depending on selection of other elements.


4. Building interactive graphic presentations of complex solutions along with creation of the view of particular installation steps.


5. Communication within automatic data exchange both with the ERP system of the manufacturer and external IT tools e.g. website, computational calculators, programs for visualization etc.


6. Creation of tables of additional parameters e.g. groups of colours and textures, reference documents along with various indexations.


7. The system enables free gradation of levels of access to information both in terms of products and their parameters and in terms of documents included in the base (e.g. making available selected documents only to the company employees with appropriate level of access to information).





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