Preparation of data on the offer

of the manufacturer for use

by designers under BIM

We offer effective support when preparing the

offer of construction material manufacturers

for its convenient use i at all stages of

a Building Information Modelling.

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Our tools enable easy and professional checking of the impact of solutions of the manufacturer on the analysed aspects of buildings.


Designing in Building Information Modelling standard (BIM) is a long and complex process. According to 2014/24/EU over the next two years BIM will become the main way of designing building facilities under investment actions of the public sector.


Undoubtedly the advantages of this method in designing, among others, significant savings during implementation or modernization of the investment as well as tremendous market pressure of design software producers (among others, Autodesk, Graphisoft) will result in interest in this method of designing also in design activity for the private sector.


As we can see on the scheme, BIM designing is a multistage process. In our opinion, the manufacturer of construction materials may influence the target type of technical solutions only in a few stages of this process. It is important to build awareness of the necessity to the use solutions of the manufacturer (e.g. due to their beneficial aspects of in the field of environmental protection) and provide files with ready-made design solutions, which the designer can easily place in the target design.

Elements of BIM process  (źródło:

In order to support manufacturers of construction materials, in this regard we offer delivery of complex tools and libraries of solutions above all at the following stages of the Building Information Modelling process:

Support at the stage of conceptual works:


In this area we offer a number of tools and libraries, thanks to which the designer may create design concepts on the basis of the manufacturer's solutions. Certainly, the scope of conceptual works can be very diverse.  Building a project at this stage may be associated e.g. with the need to select solutions which will meet requirements concerning selected parameters of the target project. Sample issues in this respect can be: seeking proper colours, simplified modelling of the structure due to future geographical location, shape and estimated costs of operation etc.


For such tasks, we offer:


Plugins for external design programs e.g. SketchUp (http://www.sketchup .com) that enable fast introduction of structural solutions offered by the manufacturer under application of a popular program, in the case of SketchUp it is the most popular program in the world for fast 3D modelling. (see more)


Ready-made libraries for external software Often, the designers at the stage of creating the concept use the CAD software or other software e.g. for 3D visualization (e.g. 3DS max) or 2D visualization (e.g. Adobe Photoshop). We offer implementation of material libraries which enable fast use of the available range of colours or textures (see more)


The software for simplified simulation concerning technical-operating parameters of buildings. In this regard we offer a very broad range of programs ensuring, among others, fast identification of financial-environmental benefits after application of thermal insulation materials of the manufacturer (see more) or finding proper construction solutions owing to the expected heat penetration coefficient (see more)


Systems for searching for proper construction solutions. They enable identification of features related to intended use of a given complex solution, and then presentation of a given solution, along with any reference documents facilitating correct indication of a future structural solution. (see more)


Support at the stage of target design, executive and operational works:


In this regard a key element of our offer is to use the Products Information Management,  wwhere manufacturers can gather and manage technical information concerning the offered products and complex structural solutions (see more). Based on the PIM system and programs searching for proper structural solutions

(like the previously described applications e.g. used for searching for proper solutions due to heat penetration coefficient) we offer a system solution enabling creation of ready-made models of IFC (Industry Foundation Classes - commonly recognized format of exchange of data within the BIM software).  Video presentation of how a sample IFC generator works can be found below.


Another important offered support tool is the reference documents compendium dynamically supplied from PIM system - a system for searching and presentation of reference documents. They are a very important aspect of each investment. During design and executive works it is often necessary to deliver correct documentation for used products.  We offer systems of access to collected documents using PCs or mobile devices. (see more)


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